The Board of the York City Supporters Trust welcomes the statement by Jason McGill published yesterday (May 1st 2017) on the Club website. At a time when all York City supporters share feelings of deep disappointment and sadness following a second consecutive relegation season, we welcome Jason McGill’s brave and honest acceptance of responsibility for the Club’s failure to achieve success on the field during the past two seasons.

We recognise that our Chairman made decisions with every good intention and we share his real sense of regret that things have not worked out in the way we all wanted. As he admits in his statement, we know that Jason McGill is hurting as much as anyone since we know also that Jason, like us, is a fan.

It takes a strong person to admit having made mistakes. So, when the Chairman can say “I am solely to blame for making the decisions at the club which have led us to the position and status we are now faced with”, we should credit him with courage and integrity.

The Trust applauds Jason’s determination to continue his financial support of the Club into next season and we welcome his decision to maintain a full time playing staff, hopefully under the leadership of Gary Mills. Without Jason’s massive financial and personal investment in the club over the last 14 years, York City would have perished.

The Supporters Trust also played its part 14 years ago in “Saving York City” and our role has always been to represent the voice of the fans and the community to the governing body of our football club. We also have a duty as a shareholding partner in the club to represent the club to the fans. This can only be achieved through the maintenance of a strong and trusting partnership between the Trust Board and the Club Board.     

As Chairman of York City Supporters Trust, in response to Jason McGill’s statement, I want to define two main Trust objectives as we move into the next chapter in the history of York City FC.

1. To recognise Jason’s faith in the role and function of Jackie McNamara as CEO and to work with him towards improving the partnership and communications between the Club Board, the Trust and the wider fan base

2. To work with other fans groups, partners, local businesses etc in order to identify significant sources of new income in order to establish a “Fighting Fund” to ease the financial pressures bearing down on the football club.

There was nothing to cheer us at the final whistle last Saturday – except the fact that nearly 4000 fans turned up to show their loyalty to a losing side, as they have done all season. That is no cold comfort. It is an encouragement to all of us for the future.